cheatgrass USDA PLANTS Symbol: BRTE
U.S. Nativity: Exotic
Habit: Herb
Bromus tectorum L.
Taxonomic Rank: Liliopsida: Cyperales: Poaceae
Synonym(s): downy brome, early chess, military grass, thatch bromegrass
Native Range: Africa, temp. & trop. Asia, Europe (GRIN);

U.S. State(s) where reported invasive:

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U.S. National Parks where reported invasive:
Badlands National Park (South Dakota)
Chiricahua National Monument (Arizona)
Craters of the Moon National Monument (Idaho)
Death Valley National Park (California)
Dinosaur National Monument (Colorado)
Fort Bowie National Historic Site (Arizona)
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (Utah)
Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona)
Haleakala National Park (Hawaii)
Harpers Ferry National Historical Park (West Virginia)
Rocky Mountains National Park (Colorado)
Scotts Bluff National Monument (Nebraska)
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks (Californina)
Stones River National Battlefield (Tennessee)
Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming)
Yosemite National Park (California)