linden viburnum USDA PLANTS Symbol: VIDI80
U.S. Nativity: Exotic
Habit: Shrub or Subshrub
Viburnum dilatatum Thunb.

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Taxonomic Rank: Magnoliopsida: Dipsacales: Caprifoliaceae
Native Range: E. Asia (REHD);

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Fruit(s); Viburnum dilatatum with young fruit in NE Pennsylvania.  Photographed: June, 2010.
Doug Manning, National Park Service,
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EDDMapS Distribution:
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State(s) Where Reported invasive.
Based on state level agency and organization lists of invasive plants from WeedUS database.

U.S. National Parks where reported invasive:
George Washington Memorial Parkway (Virginia)
Rock Creek National Park (Washington, D.C.)

Invasive Listing Sources:
Jil M. Swearingen, Survey of invasive plants occurring on National Park Service lands, 2000-2007
Jil Swearingen, personal communication, 2009-2016
Mid-Atlantic Exotic Pest Plant Council, 2005
Virginia Invasive Plant Species List